How we build Mindshare

Choosing the right PR agency can mean the difference in becoming an leading player in your category or just being another company among the masses. Mindshare PR is one of those rare firms that use all outlets - press, social media, user communities - to drive maximum exposure and opportunity for their clients. Their knowledge of the market, strategic impact to our business and ability to generate meaningful coverage have made them an integral part of our team.


Mindshare PR can handle all of your public relations and social media needs. Need help developing a strategic communications plan? Launching your company or product or trying to increase media coverage? Looking to take your spokesperson's abilities to the next level? We develop creative, unique public relations programs to achieve our client's goals whether it is to put them on the map, take over the map, or make a lucrative exit from the map altogether. Below are descriptions of the services we provide.

Messaging and Positioning

Without solid messaging and spot-on positioning, even the most innovative companies, best products and important announcements can go unnoticed. Here at Mindshare we work with our clients to develop messaging and positioning that consistently resonates with key influencers across all target audiences - clearly defining the conversation and making a direct impact on all communications and coverage.

Company and Product Launches

A successful company or product launch is critical for laying the foundation for future growth. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so we work with our clients to outline and flawlessly execute effective launch strategies that reach all target audiences and integrate all communications activities to maximize the impact of the launch.

Media and Analyst Relations

Successful execution of a public relations program begins and ends with media and analyst relations. We help clients make the most of their news by proactively contacting key influencers, editors, bloggers and analysts to introduce a new product, give an update or talk about timely, relevant industry happenings. Our personalized and comprehensive approach allows our clients to build long-term relationships with the people who write about them and helps develop the basis for an effective public relations program. With our strong influencer relationships, combined with our never-say-die determination, Mindshare is able to deliver compelling coverage and results, time and time again.


Well-written information whether it be a news release, media kit, blog or contributed article is key to effectively communicating messages. Mindshare develops high-quality materials that are straightforward and compelling, and integrate with existing marketing initiatives such as search engine optimization (SEO) key words.

Speaker's Bureau

Industry events are important places for companies to gain visibility. We identify key technology and business conferences and coordinate with event organizers to secure panels, standalone sessions and keynote addresses for our clients. Mindshare also leverages our industry knowledge to and target the best user groups, virtual conferences and local speaking venues.

Customer Success Programs

Highlighting customer satisfaction is often the best way to convey the benefits of a specific technology and show (rather than tell) how it works. We help our clients identify customers and turn their stories into compelling case studies that can be used to generate media coverage and to serve as powerful marketing tools.

Social Media

The "spoken word" has long been the most direct way to tell a story and get the message out. Whether the format is a podcast, a straight-forward video about a partnership, product or company initiative, a product demo or a whiteboard discussion on the product architecture, we work with our clients to craft the story and messages, prepare the spokespeople and create the finished product. In addition, Mindshare takes a proactive approach with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms to amplify and engage with our clients' online communities, building clients’ presence and positive word-of-mouth.