Services Designed to Differentiate You

Messaging and

Build. Test. Amplify. At Mindshare PR we’ve seen that work up front goes a long way toward increasing the reach and impact of public relations for companies. We work closely with our clients to ensure that messages and industry positioning are clear, targeted, unique and impactful.


Whether it be a large industry conference or a meetup, we secure the right speaking opportunities to ensure clients are speaking to the right audience(s).

Media and
Analyst Relations

The success or failure of public relations programs begins and ends with media and analyst relations. Our relationships with media and analysts run deep, and benefit our clients by being able to introduce them to people that matter to their market.

Customer Success

No one is more credible and impactful when promoting a company's value proposition than the people who use its products and services. Mindshare works closely with our clients end-users to highlight the real benefits of technology adoption.


Strong writing, applied to news releases, blog posts, contributed articles and more, is the foundation of all effective communications. We are experts at creating clear and understandable content.

Social Media

Our teams work with clients to leverage all aspects of social media to engage users and influencers, and increase followers.